Scientific Advisory Board


Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Jörg Gruenwald

Dr. Gruenwald’s PhD in botany and biology from Heidelberg University and 10 years of post-doctoral research at universities across Europe and the USA gives him-second-to-none credentials in clinical, technical and regulatory aspects of natural product development. Together with a strong entrepreneurial streak, these pharmacological credentials saw him found and develop 2 commercially successful businesses. He is currently president of Herbalist & Doc GmbH and Chief Scientific Adviser to analyze & realize GmbH. He serves on several advisory boards in the USA, including the United States Pharmacopoeia Expert Committee on Botanicals and the Advisory Board of the American Botanical Council. Dr. Gruenwald’s publication list exceeds 300, including the Physician's Desk Reference (PDR) for Herbal Medicines.


Prof Gerard Bodeker

With a PhD in international Public Policy from Harvard University, Prof Bodeker brings a wealth of international expertise in the fields of epidemiology, biodiversity and public health policy revolving around health and wellness. He brings particular influence in the fields of traditional, complementary and alternative medicines. Prof Bodeker continues to carry active roles as researcher and teacher at Columbus University and Oxford University. He himself publishes prolifically and also edits several journals. Around commutes between these commitments, Prof Bodeker also spends time advising organisations such as the United Nations and World Bank and several governments’ departments of health across the USA, Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa on issues of public health policy. He chairs the Global Initiative for Traditional Systems of Health and keeps himself grounded in the realities of everyday healthcare practice with ongoing involvement in communicable disease-related projects in Southeast Asia and Africa.