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Naturally clever people

Mark Durbin

Finance Manager

Mark is the numbers man. Joining Neem in 2015 as Financial Manager Mark brings with him a wealth of industry experience to the organisation. And many, many spreadsheets. Mark has more than 30 years of diverse accounting experience both in-house and as an independent practitioner in the accounting, life sciences and manufacturing worlds. Did we mention he’s good with numbers?

Liam Jones

Research Scientist

Liam is another of Neem's mathematical geniuses. His motto is to learn something new everyday. And this he manages to do.


Dr. Robert Saunders

Operations Manager

Robert is our Operations Manager and Neem’s longest-serving team member, having joined our Team as R&D Chemist in 2005 after completing a PhD in Computation/ Theoretical Chemistry at Cardiff University.

He is in charge of the planning and co-ordination of all Neem’s production and CMC activities. He makes sure targets are met on time, on budget and commensurate with the required quality standards. 

Dr. Gareth Evans

R&D Coordinator

Gareth joined Neem in 2007 with a PhD in Theoretical Chemistry from Cardiff University.  Now something of an expert in HPLC method development and liquid and solid phase extraction techniques, he is Neem’s Head of Chemistry. Gareth is also a guru in the practical application of chemistry. Read that as beekeeping and beer brewing. There’s something to be said for bringing science to everyday life situations.

Christopher Morcom

Production Technician

If you need something done in the production lab, then Christopher is the person to ask. Job done. No fuss and just so.

Dr. Stewart Clark

SHEQ Manager

Stewart is a microbiologist at heart with a special interest in pharmaceutical microbiology and biological safety. A Fulbright PhD in Microbiology from Montana State University combined with international industrial biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturing expertise has made him a perfect Quality Manager for Neem since 2014.

Andrew Shearer

Innovations Liaison Manager

Need to know who to contact? With a network of industry contacts that spans the agricultural and life sciences scenes, Andrew is bound to be able to point you in the right direction. Thankfully, the privilege is all Neem’s.

Christian Watkins

Production Technician

With unassuming efficiency, Christian gets things done in production. No mess, no fuss.

Stacey Holborn

Office Manager

Stacey makes sure the office runs smoothly. The consummate multitasker, she is efficient, unassuming and gracious. We couldn’t ask for a better face and voice of Neem.

Dan Blandford

Facilities Manager

Have an engineering condundrum? Dan is the one you want on your side to come up with the perfect, purpose-built plan. “Never”, “can’t” and “won't” don’t compute with him….unless it’s really never going to work.

Danielle Williams

Research Scientist

Danielle is one of Neem's bug-busting team of Microbiology masterminds that are targeting ESKAPE pathogens that cultivate resistance to known antibiotics.

Dr. Graham Dixon

Chief Executive Officer

Graham is Neem’s Chief Executive Officer. He brings with him over 25 years of experience in nurturing biotechnology companies and guiding their novel compounds into and through the clinic. With a PhD in biochemistry from Swansea University, his R&D track record spans VC-led and publically funded biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in the UK and Europe more broadly. You might say that he has been around the block.

Heather Graz

Commercial Development Manager

As Neem’s Commercial Development Manager, Heather makes it her business to craft and tell Neem’s story at every opportunity. With an MBA from Exeter University, entrepreneurial industry experience and a Masters degree in Communication Pathology, Heather brings the perspective of the patient and client to the Neem brand.  

Dr. Raj Rao

Scientific Consultant

Raj is Neem’s in-house medicinal chemist. A teacher and scholar at heart, what Raj has forgotten about chemistry most people haven’t even yet began to discover.

James Preece

Research Scientist

James is a man of many talents. None less so than his second-to-none mastery of molecular biology. He may initially come across as quiet-spoken, but he’s straight speaking. And, as a professional ice hockey international, he knows how to hold his own.

Dr. Harriet Oldham

Drug Development Scientist

Harriet’s drug development experience is both broad and deep. She’s always up for a challenge, especially if it involves stretching grey matter to further the reach of science.

Dr. Lucy Sykes

Senior Research Scientist

With meticulous attention to detail, eloquent and fun, Lucy is our resident molecular cell biologist. What’s not to like?

Dr. Shaista Khokhar

Senior Research Scientist

Shaistsa’s get-it-done philosophy makes her an ideal part of Neem’s chemistry team. She is a force to be reckoned with and keeps going until the problem at hand is solved.

Dr. Paul Rice

Senior Research Scientist

If it’s a molecular or microbiology query that you have, it’s probably a good bet that Paul will be able to steer you in the right direction. Quiet and unassuming he may be, but you’d be well advised to heed what he says.

Jane Jamieson

Project Manager

With over 30 years of experience under her belt, Jane’s entrepreneurial flair and passion for all things environmental and microbial keeps our project management feet firmly planted on the ground and our sights fixed on our project aims.

Ellie Reeve

Research Scientist

Ellie is known for her enthusiasm and energy. She’s a force to be reckoned with, both in the chemistry laboratory and on the rugby field.

Dr. Claudia Williams

Senior Project Manager

Professional project manager Claudia brings with her professional curiosity and a passion for science. With a PhD in Toxicology and Chemistry from Oregon State University and an MBA to boot, Claudia is a great fit for Neem's progressing pipeline.