Naturally clever people


Naturally clever people

Dr. Michael Graz

Managing Director

Managing Director Michael’s expertise is a diverse blend of industry and academic experience. German born but raised in South Africa, his commercial experience has taken him from dairy industry sales to General Management of a Chilean abalone farm and Interim Management of several biotechnology companies. In-between, he found the time to complete 2 PhDs. Understanding the behavior of intestinal tract cancer cells and playing with rational drug design to target cyclic peptides as anti-infectives is the stuff of dreams…and bedtime reading. Michael has authored and co-authored 26 peer-reviewed scientific papers and is a named inventor on 2 patents. He joined Neem in 2012, and has successfully led us from a newly acquired, previously owner-managed small business to a medium sized R&D facility with its own pipeline. And if all of this wasn’t enough, he has run more than 100 marathons.

Mark Durbin

Finance Manager

Mark is the numbers man. Joining Neem in 2015 as Financial Manager Mark brings with him a wealth of industry experience to the organisation. And many, many spreadsheets. Mark has more than 30 years of diverse accounting experience both in-house and as an independent practitioner in the accounting, life sciences and manufacturing worlds. Did we mention he’s good with numbers?

Liam Jones

Research Scientist



Almero Barnard

Laboratory Manager



David Jones

Operations Executive



Anna Thabit-Jones

Research Scientist



Dr. Rob Saunders

Operations Manager

Robert is our Operations Manager and Neem’s longest-serving team member, having joined our Team as R&D Chemist in 2005. Having graduated from Cardiff University in 2000 with an Honours degree in Applied Chemistry, Robert then went on to complete a PhD in Computation/ Theoretical Chemistry in 2004. Robert is a named inventor on 3 patents pertaining to natural product extractions. He has co-authored over 10 peer-reviewed and published scientific papers and has presented papers at national and international scientific conferences. Robert is in charge of the planning and co-ordination of all production activities carried out at Neem. He makes sure all production targets are met on time, and on budget and commensurate with the required quality standards and development of new products. Nothing gets past him.

Natasha Hurril

Project Manager


Dr. Gareth Evans

R&D Coordinator

Gareth has an MSc in Molecular Modeling and a PhD in Theoretical Chemistry from Cardiff University. He is something of an expert in HPLC method development, liquid and solid phase extraction techniques and in capturing these concepts to a broad spectrum of people. He has been an Honorary Research Fellow in Chemistry at Cardiff University since 2012. Gareth has been at Neem since 2007, providing technical guidance in the form of identification, procurement and co-ordination of resources for R&D projects and supervisory input in the form of line management of project management and R&D team members. Gareth enjoys allotmenteering, cooking, the practical application of chemistry for everyday purposes (e.g. wine making and beer brewing), beekeeping and photography in his spare time. He has run up to the half marathon distance and has a black belt in kickboxing. So please don’t make him angry.

Gracia Martí

Project Manager


Christopher Morcom

Production Technician


Dr. Stewart Clark

SHEQ Manager

Stewart is first and foremost a microbiologist with a special interest in pharmaceutical microbiology and biological safety. But don’t let that put you off. He also brings a strong combination of international academic and industrial biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturing expertise.Another Neem ‘citizen of the world’, he obtained an MSc in Biotechnology from Rhodes University in South Africa, specialising in wastewater remediation and algal beneficiation. He went on to be awarded a full Fulbright Scholarship and obtained his PhD in Microbiology from Montana State University in the US in 2008. Appointed first dedicated Biosafety Officer at the University of Southampton in 2009, he later assumed the role of R&D Manager at BBI Enzymes in Wales in 2009. Joining Neem in 2014, Stewart provides microbiological expertise, Health & Safety management and Quality Management. He’s also a keen surfer. Surf’s up, dude.

Andrew Shearer

Innovations Liaison Manager


Christian Watkins

Production Technician


Stacey Holborn



Dan Blandford

Facilities Manager


Danielle Williams

Research Scientist


Heather Graz

Business Development Manager

Heather was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and moved to the UK in 2008. She has an MBA from Exeter University. She joined the Neem team as Business Development Manager in 2015 after running her own consultancy company. In a previous life, Heather’s clinical background as a Neuro Speech and Language Therapist saw her both delivering clinical care to patients and streamlining aspects of service delivery. When not running marathons, Heather has also somehow found the time to present Neuro Speech and Language Therapy papers at three international conferences, taught seminars at two international conferences and authored two published articles. At Neem Heather looks after the strategic and practical aspects of Neem’s brand development, overseeing business case generation, crafting marketing and corporate communications and looking after patient-related aspects of projects. And making sure everything runs smoothly. In between running yet more marathons.

Dr. Naguraj Rao

Scientific Consultant


James Preece

Research Scientist


James Allum

Product Designer


Harriet Oldham

Drug Development Scientist


Lucy Sykes

Senior Research Scientist


Shaista Khokhar

Senior Research Scientist


Annabelle Whatmough

Research Scientist